Specialized Erection

From critical lifts, utilizing multiple crane lifts, specialized hoisting equipment, and unique erection methods, Williams Erection excels in specialized erection methods to erect complex steel structures.

PHOTO: Maynard Jackson Hartsfield International Terminal Pedestrian Bridge Erection utilizing a Mammoet Transporter. Erection of the bridge was performed under a parking deck roof structure requiring the use of specialized hoisting and transport methods.



Critical Lifts

Many of the complex structures require the performance of critical lifts utilizing both large and multiple cranes for hoisting. Williams Erection is highly experienced in the performance of these critical lifts. Recent lifts include the Emory University HSRB 150 ton bridge, 400 ton transfer trusses at the Atlanta Mansion Project, and 400 ton podium trusses at the McLeod ICU Hospital Expansion Project.

PHOTO: Emory University HSRB 150 ton bridge erected in a tandem lift with 800-ton and a 550-ton cranes in a single hoist. Bridge was successfully hoisted and set in one morning.