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NASCAR Hall of Fame, Charlotte, N.C.

Building Team
Owner/Developer: City of Charlotte; NASCAR Hall of Fame, Charlotte, N.C.
Owner’s Representative: NASCAR, Charlotte, N.C.
Architect: Pei Cobb Freed & Partners LLP, New York
Architect: Little Diversified Architectural Consulting, Charlotte, N.C.
Structural Engineer: Leslie E. Robertson Associates, RLLP, New York
General Contractor: BE&K Building Group, Charlotte, N.C.
Steel Fabricator: SteelFab, Inc., Charlotte, N.C.
Steel Detailer: Hutchins & Associates, Clemmons, N.C.
Steel Erector: Williams Erection Company, Smyrna, Ga.
Bender/Roller: SteelFab, Inc., Charlotte, N.C.
Design-Build Contractor for Ribbon: Zahner, Kansas City, Mo.
Consultant: Ralph Appelbaum Associates, Inc., New York
Consultant: Jaros Baum & Bolles, New York
Photograph: Paul Warchol Photography Inc.

In approaching the challenge of designing a Hall of Fame for NASCAR, the project’s design team sought to capture the essential spirit of NASCAR and its sport in architectural form. In exploring the possibilities for expressing speed and spectacle, the team was drawn to the arena of action, the racecourse, where fans and race teams come together each race week for the spectacle of race day.

Curving, sloped forms are evocative not only of the dynamic and changing sinuous shape of the racetrack but also of the perception of speed, which is at the heart of the NASCAR spectacle.

The expression of these forms could only have been achieved through the use of steel, as cladding and as structure, encompassing several long-span elements, architecturally exposed structural steel (AESS) elements, and employing innovative approaches to connections, steel detailing, and the interface of structural steel with stone, glass, and steel as a finish material.

The Hall of Fame consists of four basic elements:
• A large glazed oval shape forming a Great Hall serves as the symbolic core of the Hall of Fame.
• A rectangular volume houses visitor services, including entry and exhibit space on upper floors.
• An expressed Hall of Honor is situated as an iconic element within the Great /> • A broadcast studio enlivens the Hall of Fame Plaza, the sweeping forecourt that welcomes visitors.

The results of the teams’ explorations of speed and spectacle evolved into an architectural element -- the Ribbon – 5,000 stainless steel panels that envelope the full-block building in a form that speaks to the imagery and spirit of NASCAR. Made of stainless steel in a lustrous angel-hair finish that softly reflects light and accentuates its dynamic aspect, the Ribbon is a sculpted form that changes as it wraps around the building.

Within the Great Hall, a signature element of a curved banked ramp leads the visitor from the main floor to exhibit levels above. The ramp contains a display of race cars frozen in a moment from a race, capturing in another way the speed and spectacle that is the essence of the sport.

Steel trusses are used to achieve significant spans in the project: • A set of trusses spanning 175 feet achieve a grand column-free ballroom • A 100-foot-long, bi-level footbridge, supported by a pair of one-story-deep trusses, links the ballroom with the existing Charlotte Convention Center. • Two- and three-story-high trusses cantilever 30 feet over the broadcast studio.

Among the AESS elements in the project is the Vierendeel frame supporting the glass façade of the Great Hall. The lateral-load-resisting system at this façade also functions as the braced frame that supports the Ribbon.

The project's structural bid set was issued six months before the 100% CD set. The steel tender was divided into multiple packages to enable steel detailing and fabrication of portions of the project to proceed before the full design was complete. A 3D model was used in the steel detailing to identify and resolve potential conflicts in the field. These efforts and effective team communication allowed the long scheduled public opening to occur on time.

The Orange County Convention Center

This is a pedestrian bridge section for The Orange County Convention Center in Orlando, Florida. This truss was assembled and transported 2000 feet to be installed and erected over an existing pond. The assembled truss weight is 110,000 pounds and 150 feet in length.

The Mansion on Peachtree

Shown are 455 tons of trusses assembled and erected in place as transfer trusses for The Mansion on Peachtree in Atlanta, Georgia.

Opreyland Hotel

This is the compression ring for the Opreyland Hotel in Orlando, Florida. This ring is 130 feet above the finish floor and erected on 8 temporary shoring towers.

Ice Palace Hockey Arena

The Ice Palace Hockey Arena in Tampa, Florida roof trusses are shown being erected. The main roof truss lift was 370 tons, 346 feet long, 44 feet wide and 35 feet high. The truss was erected with two American 9310 Ringhorse cranes with 220 feet of boom.

Philips Arena

Shown above is a section of the roof trusses for Philips Arena in Atlanta, Georgia. One section weighs 50 tons and the entire truss weighs 320 tons with a total length of 410 feet.

Philips Arena Plaza

Shown above is the assembly of the center section of a 120 ton truss erected to support the Philips Arena Plaza. This truss was erected with a Manitowc 888 ringer with a lifting capacity of 650 tons. This truss was erected at a 140 foot radius.

Phillips Arena Plaza Truss

Location: Atlanta, GA

GC: Holder

Fabricator: SteelFab

Night time setting of truss illustrating the truss pick radius setting over an operating MARTA station that could only be shut down for one hour between 2:00AM and 3:00AM.

Phillips Arena Plaza Truss

Location: Atlanta, GA

GC: Holder

Fabricator: SteelFab

Illustration of Truss Member Size and Specially Designed Rigging

The Georgia Aquarium Expansion

Erection of 105.000 lb truss for The Georgia Aquarium Expansion Project.

A detailed erection plan was provided:

Fabricator: SteelFab

Contractor: Brasfield Gorrie

Equipment: Truss Erection - 550 Ton hydraulic crane, Fill in steel – SK 575 Tower Crane

NASCAR Hall of Fame

Contractor: Turner/BE&K

Fabricator: SteelFab

Tandem pick of 70,000 lb long span truss.

NASCAR Hall of Fame, Ballroom

Contractor: Turner/BE&K

Fabricator: SteelFab

Ballroom Roof Truss Erection

NASCAR Ballroom Pedestrian Bridge

Location: Charlotte, NC

GC: Turner/BE&K

Fabricator: SteelFab

Erection of a 155,000 lb bridge section using a 550-ton grove hydraulic crane. The truss was assembled on site, rotated 90 degrees and erected in three hours at a 72 ft. radius.

Duke Energy Center (Wachovia)

Location: Charlotte

GC: Batson & Cook

Fabricator: SteelFab

Detailed Engineered Erection Plan Provided

First of three Handle Bar Truss Sections (Weight – 40,000 lbs each) Truss was erected on the top of a 55-story concrete building. The Handle Bar truss is the very top of the 11 story steel structure. The truss was assembled into three sections on the ground. Two temporary shoring towers were erected on top of the building to allow the erection of the truss.

Duke Energy Center (Wachovia)

Location: Charlotte

GC: Batson & Cook

Fabricator: SteelFab

Detailed Engineered Erection Plan Provided

This is a picture of handle bar truss under hoist from the ground to the roof. Each of the three pieces of the truss were specifically engineered with the calculated choker lengths to allow the piece to be set into place without any adjustment of the piece while setting the truss into place.

Bank of America

Project: Bank of America, 35 Story Tower Connecting Bridge

Location: Charlotte, NC

GC: Balfour Beatty

Fabricator: SteelFab

Truss was pre-assembled on the ground lifted and rotated 90 degrees to set. First truss already erected in background.

RSA Judicial Office Building

Location: Montgomery, AL

GC: Bailey Harris

Fabricator: SteelFab

Project consisted of 3- 150 ft. span two story transfer trusses supporting a nine story building over a National Historic Register Building in downtown Montgomery. The trusses were assembled in place utilizing an outrigger skyhook system anchored to the adjacent concrete structure for the first truss. Truss elevation was managed by hydraulic jacking system.

Engineered erection plan and procedure was provided

Total Truss Weight for Each Truss – 300 tons fully assembled.

Hoisting by 500 ton hydraulic Liehbherr Luffing Crane

RSA Judicial Office Building

Location: Montgomery, AL

GC: Bailey Harris

Fabricator: SteelFab

Erection and assembly of the final truss sections supported by the skyhook system connected to previously erected trusses. Each truss consisted of over 400 ft. of field welding and 16,000 bolts per truss.

RSA Judicial Office Building

Location: Montgomery, AL

GC: Bailey Harris

Fabricator: SteelFab

Truss Erection Photo above as the featured article in Modern Steel Construction September 2010, Title: Skyhooks, by Clinton O. Rex, PE, PH.D. The project received numerous published articles including Alabama Construction News.

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