Project Pre-Planning Process

At Williams Erection Company, pre-bid and preconstruction planning is our normal process. We actually construct the project on paper before we even bid a project. This process involves our senior management, project management, safety, quality and where the project complexity dictates, our consulting engineers. The goal is to develop sound erection sequences and means and methods to accomplish a safety, productive project.

The Pre-planning process includes the following elements:

  • Project Safety Requirements
  • Project Quality Requirements
  • Schedule Coordination
  • AISC Means and Methods for Erection
  • Hoisting Requirements
  • Crane Scaling
  • Erection Sequence Development
  • Load Delivery Logistics
  • Laydown Area Logistics
  • Critical Lift Planning
  • Designing Special Lifting Devices
  • Coordination with Other Trades
  • Coordination with General Contractor
  • Regulatory Compliance
  • Special Project Considerations

"Our Goal is a Safe, Productive, Well Organized and Planned Project for Our Customers"

Examples of WEC Pre-Planning

Williams Erection Company has successfully executed its preplanning process on Multiple Projects such as:

  • The Mansion 455 Ton Transfer Trusses
  • The World of Coke
  • The Georgia Aquarium
  • Maynard Jackson Hartsfield Atlanta International Terminal
  • GulfQuest National Maritime Museum
  • Emory University HSRB Bridge
  • Georgia Tech Indoor Football Practice Facility
  • Georgia Tech Alexander Memorial Coliseum Rebuild
  • Tampa Ice Palace with 370 ton roof truss
  • Tampa Art Museum with 60 ft. cantilever
  • Wachovia Tower Handle Bar Trusses and Steel
  • Bank of America Charlotte 35 Story Tower